Mobile Advertising – By Chetan Sharma and friends. Top 10 reasons to buy this book ..


Chetan Sharma, Joe Herzog and Victor Melfi have written a fantastic book on Mobile Advertising – which I highly recommend. If you have known Chetan Sharma (and I have had the privilege of knowing him now for a few years), his hallmark is the extraordinary level of detail he covers both in his blogs and his books. This book keeps up with that tradition.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should read and buy this book

a) Global coverage covering Europe, North America, Asia etc

b) Lots of data and statistics

c) Realistic viewpoint (no hype – which exists a lot in this space)

d) An emphasis on both technology and business

e) Detailed case studies

f) Tackling the ‘free’ issue i.e. ad funded models

g) Covers both operator and non operator perspective

h) Almost 400 pages!

i) Excellent index

j) The five point framework with a model for ROA (return on advertisement)

For those interested, first chapter is available for download –

along with full TOC – and Foreword –


  1. Ajit,
    thanks for your kind words and for the review. Much appreciated.