Enterprise mashups: Mashups that may cross the firewall ..


Following on from my previous post about Enterprise 2.0 conference ( What can you learn from about Enterprise 2.0 from the CIA?) – I have two motivations for this. Firstly, Enterprise 2.0 as a topic is of interest to me and secondly, I am modeling my own business (futuretext) along the lines of Enterprise 2.0.

More on that soon …

Dion Hinchcliffe (also a speaker at the Enterprise 2.0 conference) has an excellent blog about mashups as the next software development model.

Where he says ..

Since the mashup story is primarily being driven by spontaneous activity at the edge of the Internet, an accurate and updated picture of what’s actually happening with them is harder to make out than if it was being driven by a centralized industry effort. And as it turns out, this makes what’s happening richer and more exciting than it would be otherwise while at the same providing significant challenges for those that want to take these compelling ideas and apply them deliberately to solve business problems.

I was thinking about ‘which spontaneous activity at the edge of the Internet’ can transcend to the Enterprise? Here is one .. And it remains my favourite mashup of all time .

Aircraft Tracking in Second Life – A mashup of a ‘real life’ feed from Los Angeles airport with second life created by a UK based company called Daden(who do some cool work in the virtual worlds space.

The visualisation takes fboweb.com’s near-live data of aircraft locations around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and displays the aircraft as small models in Second Life over a map of southern California. Each aircraft shows its flight number and its location, altitude and direction mirrors that of its real world counterpart. The display updates every minute and the aircraft are moved to their new locations. An avatar can walk across the map, examining each aircraft and can touch an aircraft in order to reveal its flight path data.

You can see the YouTube video here ..

So, this is a really cool innovation/mashup that could probably not be conceived within an enterprise but may well be accepted across the firewall!