Chance to get a free white paper on Blackberry/mobile data ..

Hello all

Louella Miles is a well known UK based business journalist best known for her book Conversations with Marketing Masters

Louella is working on a white paper about blackberry on mobile data devices and productivity/work life balance

In return for a survey, she can give you a copy of the white paper when its launched.

She is looking

(a) to interview SMEs who have noticed an increase in their productivity through the use of such devices as BlackBerry, iPhones, etc.

(b) ask them how is this productivity increase achieved?

(c) ask them how they juggle their work life balance (do their partners get shirty when they take their phones on holiday?)

(d) discover SMEs who don’t use such devices, and ask them why

(e) uncover survey data, if any exists, on whether mobile data devices do make a difference to productivity

(f) uncover survey data which reveals whether there are differences from one continental country to another

If this is of interest, please email Louella at louella.miles at


Ajit Jaokar


  1. Be a lot easier if she did an online survey (let others see the data collected as well).
    I’d be interested in the paper and results.