Being Digital event – London 10 June


Tony Fish is putting on Being-Digital and it could be the digital event of the summer, covering the mashup of applications and services on the web, mobile and TV.

10th June BAFTA, Piccadilly, London.

From their conference media/promotional details


They have already confirmed many of the best digital executives, entrepreneurs and investors in the UK. The reason that senior people are willing to give their time is that there is a need to discuss & debate the 7 core themes; social, search, advertising, identity, content, location & retail, and understand the implications on investment and cash.

It looks like there will be 30 or so cutting-edge demo companies providing both 1 minute pitches when relevant to a theme and working demos of their products & services. There may be room for one or two more.

TechCrunch UK is running a competition starting on the 11th June for the best Being-Digital Demo Pitch (1 min on stage). The winner will receive free hardware and consultancy from SUN Microsystems and (the digital strategy, design and development agency).

130 professional have already registered, they have a capacity limit of 200 on a first paid basis. The event will sell out and you can pay £250 this week or £325 next week.

To register and pay please click here.