Web 2.0 set for enterprise spending boom?

Web 2.0 set for enterprise spending boom .. Too bullish even for me .. but the BBC seems to think so! I agree with the Enterprise focus to some extent but tempered by the econmonic downturn .. i.e. with a slowing down of the economy, will companies see Enterprise 2.0 as mainstream?

I think there are clearly some value propositions .. but merely wikis and blogs wont do it. Prior to entering the mobile data industry, I used to work for PeopleSoft/Oracle Corporation – and selling anything to corporate is always a different value proposition from the Web 2.0 model i.e. essentially we are selling a license model/SAAS model. So, while tools (blogs and wikis) may be sold in this way, its another thing to sell the value proposition .. I think thats missing and to do that we need to tie back the service to cost reduction, product design etc. I have blogged about this idea a while ago in Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and mobility. And obviously I believe that mobility will have an important role to lay in Enterprise 2.0 as well(Dont think of just phones – think HSDPA and other applications) as well as developments like Cloud computing

More on this soon


  1. Its all about web 2.0, and how it has set for enterprise spending boom…..

  2. Neal McQ says:

    A good point – getting the people to see the ‘value’ of these services is the hard trick.
    Here’s an idea. The resellers and sales people (fro the likes of PeopleSoft, etc.) for all the solutions – how to get them onboard (since they’re the people who actually sell the offerings). I’m in one of those situations where the technicians are keen to try new tech and try offering it, but the sales people (who have to go and out and push it on other corporates) just can’t make the leap.
    That’s the bigger issue in getting it pushed through to big corporates.