Design for Mobile conference – by Barbara Ballard/Little springs design – Kansas 22-24 Sep


Barbara Ballard is everyone’s favourite Mobile design guru and Barbara sent me this message about a new conference they are running . This should be a great event and with speakers like Enrique and Luca .. lots to learn. One of these days, I will finally meet Barbara as well since I have quoted her extensively in the definition of Mobile Web 2.0 !

As per Barbara’s message ..


We at Little Springs Design got impatient with the lack of North American conferences with more than three sessions on mobile design. It was all either “intro to mobility” for designers or “intro to design” for mobilists.

So we are building our own conference, Design For Mobile,22-24 September, in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Speakers include C. Enrique Ortiz, Morten Hjerde, Luca Passani, Gabriel White, and many more. I’ve asked each to teach me something new, and I’ve been focusing on mobile for ten years now.

And since we’re not paying UK prices, you can sign up for now the early bird price of USD $945.

Design For Mobile conference