Portable reputation ..

Portable reputations have been discussed recently. Have a look at these recent articles on Portable reputation from Business week and from mashup

Here are two thoughts

Firstly, Is portable reputation overrated?

Do users really care about portable reputation? I know many of the thought leaders, bloggers etc do (for instance with the bill of rights for the social web).

But do users care?

Take me for instance (as a user of social software)

I often speak in Germany or Switzerland.

Every time I speak there, I get requests to connect from a social network called Xing. (The dominant social network in the German speaking world)

A long time ago, I used to be a member of Xing

Now its an abandoned account discovered by German speaking people when I am there

Same with twitter(have an account, don’t use)

So from my own behaviour(and I suspect from others) people simply abandon reputation and start again unless there is a good commercial reasons to ‘port’ the reputation.

Hence, is portable reputation overrated?


Given what I think I know about open social – can we not create an application using Open social APIs that enable reputation to be portable from one network to another (for instance from Myspace to Xing. In fact, we can create an application that aggregates all such reputations in different constituent social networks and creates a ‘consolidated’ reputation (so to speak) across social networks covered by Open Social?

I think this is possible via Open social APIs? (and I continue to explore it – so maybe wrong).


kind rgds



  1. SG says:

    Is portable feedback overrated? I don’t think so. In a business context, if you have a verifiable good reputation, it can help improve customer trust in your product/service. In an age where online shoppers find it difficult to trust websites, a verifiable online feedback system would be invaluable tool.
    There are a number of aspects to portable feedback and a number of different approaches have been taken. Pubble Hill (www.pubblehill.com) are in the process of spinning out their portable feedback API. While this API is very useful for business based systems, it can plug into any site including social networking sites.
    It works in a very similar way to the feedback systems on eBay and other auction websites only this API allows you to display your verified feedback icon on any site. The API allows online sites to manage single or multiple sellers/members on one site.
    A good portable feedback system like this on a social networking site could be a useful aid in getting business contacts.
    The next update they are releasing will include a search engine that will allow potential customers to search for products and services based on reputation. As part of this, website owners will be able to securely synchronise their products/services with the Pubble Hill search server.