Orange tries to do a Blyk but I dont think it will work ..

Orange, the Operator behind the MVNO Blyk, is trying to now do a similar model itself. However, I dont think it will work. The issue is not Mobile advertising, subsidised content per-se, the issue is – the creation of an entire ecosystem to deliver the service including permissions, user experience, personalization etc etc.

For instance

The trial, which will be operated via the operator’s mobile portal, Orange World, will see 800,000 of Orange’s 15.6 million customers given the option to download a variety of music, from four different genres – urban, pop, rock and dance – to their mobile handsets for free, or a discounted rate. Orange will make over 500 tracks available on the service.

The problem is: how many people will share their music preferences with their Operator on an ongoing basis?

So, realistically only players that try to influence a substantial element of the ecosystem have a chance of working. That includes Blyk, Android, iPhone and others – but not if you retrofit the model on existsing systems