EU picks mobile TV standard in DVB-H but UK sill lags …

EU picks mobile TV standard in DVB-H but UK sill lags …

The critical question for the UK is can national coverage be delivered in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Spectrum will be released only next year, leaving it very tight for coverage to be in place and services available nationally.

Citizens in Italy, Finland, France, Switzerland and Austria (to name a few) will be able to watch. Let’s hope the citizens of Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff and Southampton have the same opportunity.

This is a serious economic question for the UK given the fact that the UK Creative economy has a similar value to the financial services market.


  1. Christian Laroche says:

    RE UK lagging on DVB-H
    Not sure I would call it “lagging”. My understanding is that UK operators are trialling MBMS over UMTS for their Mobile TV (something that most North American carriers will also be trialling… soon).
    I don’t think that the jury is quite out yet on a “standard” for Mobile TV. It may be that there isn’t one and that there will be a few and these will be regionally focused (i.e. DVB-H for continental Europe, MBMS and FLO for North America, DMB for Korea, etc.).
    I can’t really speak for Europe or Asia, but I can tell you that operators in North America are very leery over establishing yet another parallel broadcast (DVB-H or even FLO) network that would necessitate thousands of towers and rooftops to cover the population distributed over a large territory.
    It may be that we will have two co-existing standards… And in any event, it is quite feasible to have hybrid networks where DVB-H is used in metropolitan area where there is a large population concentration and MBMS over UMTS for the less densely populated area.
    Just my thoughts on the subject
    Great Blog BTW

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Thanks Christian! rgds Ajit

  3. NickF says:

    It seems half the issue is the preferred frequency for DVB-H is already in use, hence why we have not seen a speedier deployment of the technology into the main stream. Some speculate we may not see DVB-H on a national coverage level until 2012(the analogue->digital switchover).
    Typical :(