A landmark: The opengardens blog completes more than 800 posts in less than 3 years ..

Hello all

We have reached a bit of a landmark .. The OpenGardens blog now has more than 800 posts – and considering some of my posts are extensive(more articles than blogs), there is a lot of content here!

Thanks for all your support over the years – both online and offline where I have met various readers of OpenGardens blogs at conferences but also at airport lounges and hotel lobbies etc when people have stopped me to thank me / discuss this blog !

I know large companies who read it regularly and distribute some blogs internally and many small startups – both Web and Mobile – who also follow it

It all started with this post – Beatles to BT? would it work? way back on 26th May 2005 when I asked ..

Would ‘Beatles to BT’ work? i.e. If the Beatles had been starting out – would they have approached BT to sell their music? What would happen if they did? Would there be a Beatles – in the first place?

This set the tone for the whole blog – a balanced, human, personal and often extremely detailed view of the Mobile data industry with an emphasis on Open Gardens(opposite of walled gardens). It is an ‘outsider’s view’ i.e. with a bias towards the Web and as the Web and the Mobile Web converge – with companies like Nokia, Opera, Google and Apple leading the way – there are many more interesting things to cover!

Along the way, various personal preferences like Tom and Jerry, ZZ Top, Tintin, Asterix, Snoopy and Pink Floyd have kept it interesting as have my personal ethos about Individualism, human rights, the free market economy and the belief that technology will enrich the lives of people and overcome poverty

Thanks for your support again!

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  1. Paul Golding says:

    Congratulations Ajit! From Sknow to here – good going!

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Thanks Paul! I see your blog has got lots of fascinating posts as well! Great to have your insights and thanks for your support through my mobile career kind rgds ajit