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Last month I was invited to attend the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) meeting in London. I am already familiar with the W3C and to some extent with OMA – so it was a good opportunity to see the latest developments from the world of OMA. I will be doing a series of blogs about OMA – since there are many developments that are likely to impact us going forward

Thanks to Stephen Jones and Bobby Fraher for helping me out with the content

Here is one – Smart card web server.

The specs are HERE if you are interested.

Why is this relevant?

According to the OMA documentation,

SCWS is a Web server running in the SIM card ((U)SIM, R-UIM, CSIM) that implements a network operator’s services and is portable across handsets. It provides static and dynamic web pages and allows transactions between the card and an HTTP based application running in the handset – for example a Web browser. Using the SCWS, an operator’s SIM applications, such as a Toolkit application, can benefit from the look and feel and multimedia capabilities of a browser. It also enables the deployment of secure services with standard Web technology by leveraging inherent smart card security features.

In terms of user benefits, the Web browser is easily accessible from any phone’s user interface, and the SCWS is accessible at all times including out-of-coverage scenarios. The SCWS Enabler also defines a protocol based on http(s) to remotely administer the smart card Web pages and content. The benefit to the end user will be that they gain the advantage of a well customized and up-to date web server on their smart card.

and here is a link from Telecom Italia on smart card web server showing a bit more about how this will come to fruition in real life ..

Definitely one to watch. If you have some developments / views in this space, happy to report them/blog about them


  1. weeklymg says:

    It would be interesting for them to define some standard service URL’s so that mobile web pages could use links to localhost. A standard REST API might be interesting, too, especially if mobile AJAX becomes common.

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