Mobile Network Operators Directory – Real/Scam/How useful?

Recently, I have had more than one companies offer me a ‘Mobile Network Operator’s Directory’

I am curious – since the English sounding names in the email end up ‘offshore’ when called.

There are no other contact details. At least two companies offer similar directories(leading me to question that either the information is freely available or it is unclear who has created it in the first place)

Can anyone endorse/give any more feedback?


  1. Roche Christel says:

    In response to ajit comment.
    I don’t know how many companies offer a Mobile Network Operators Directory and how reliable they are, but they are useful.
    I red in a magazine the other day that Deveo, a start up, is going to launch their Mobile Network Operators Directory. I think that their information will be reliable since they are specialized in the telecom industry. Plus, as I understood from their website, they offer direct marketing services to technology suppliers, and are in charge of putting them in contact with mobile operators.
    Depending on the contact information you are looking I would not trust an offshore….

  2. John White says:

    My company has made a directory of mobile network operators, which we published May 2007. Within the past few months we have noticed multiple me-too directories often using word for word our marketing text. Whether or not they have a directory to sell or not and as to the standard I do not know.
    Our company worked with Portio Research to produce our directory (they had been making a mobile directory for years), The Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators, to which we also have a companion directory, The MVNO Directory. Our research is done in house and we also have two weekly paid for telecoms newsletters.
    Deveo? No idea who they are. Wireless Federation as well claim to have a directory, but they’re staff ignore our communications and there is no price on their site. Just text which looks very similar to our marketing text, which I authored.
    Details about both can be found at (our MNO site is currently switching servers, but MNO details are on the MVNO site too).
    If anyone has concerns or questions then just ask me direct, we can provide brochures and representative sample pages. The Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operatos (The MNO Directory) is going to be updated in the near future.
    You can also contact Matthew Tapson via the site, or call +44-1494-771-734 (that’s a UK number).