Mobile avatar widget from itsmy


Itsmy has created a mobile avatar widget. I have been tracking itsmy / gofresh for some time now .. and their growth and innovation is truly impressive in the Mobile communities space. The widget allows users to automatically generate their personal avatar, based on the information in their profile, with one click.

The widget uses almost all target elements from the profile, like age, gender, location, price of device, keywords etc. The first version allows up to 10 million possibilities of combination.

The itsmy creation tool is offered free of cost in mobile internet at itsmy. In addition, it will be available for all communities from Q2/2008.


Itsmy is the off-deck, operator independent mobile community with more than 1 million registered mobile users, 4 million mobile home- and content pages containing 10 million mobile UGC-items



  1. James1986 says:

    Take a look at a dedicated world called the icitizen. You make an avatar for yourself and walk around in cities like london, New york etc. They hav elots of free games and videos and its updated constantly by other users with new content. They are also adding new features like PC 2 Mobile where you can play proper PC games on mobile. You can download a build to your handset from