P2P, Google, Seamless mobility ..

Many thanks for the great feedback on my article: P2P may be Google’s biggest weakness and an Operator’s biggest asset

I agree with Tope in the comments (and which was my point) i.e. we can’t look at the future with the ecosystem of the present. P2P is highly disruptive and no one really knows(and I dont claim to make any predictions either) how users will use all this bandwith and connectivity in a P2P mode.

I am however a BIG believer in the power of grassroots and in the belief that empowered,connected individuals can drive grassroots change(much the same optimistic view I take for Africa and mobile technology – of which I am a big advocate) i.e. the more links you can create between people, the more the emergence of an ecosystem which will be truly vibrant – and whose ultimate form we cannot see based on the views of today .. Thanks all – appretiate the feedback