Google’s next big dream – cloud computing ..

Interesting article in business week re cloud computing and the efforts of Christophe Bisciglia at Google to promote cloud computing at Campus levels. I have been tracking cloud computing for a while and believe that it will underpin efforts to take the Web to the next level – especially if a whole new class of web applications become mainstream(cloud search for instance). Hence, my belief expressed some time ago that cloud computing fits in nicely with Mobile Ajax

The article has a quote which says that Compared to this(cloud computing), the Web is tiny. We will be laughing how small the Web is. I think that’s not an understatement – since the cloud has the potential to unite the web , the mobile web and the social web as well (and everything else that comes subsequently – for instance access to devices) – if we view the cloud as a server which acts as a repository / server to all clients.

More about this initiative here Christophe Bisciglia, cloud computing, campus technology and HERE