Excellent SDP/IMS white paper from Devoteam

Occasionally, you come across a white paper which is so good that you wonder if it was intended to be in the public domain in the first place!

I have been interested in the interplay between Web 2.0, IMS and SDP – not easy topics to tackle especially since these terms mean different things to different people and are at different levels of the stack. Further more, IMS and SDP are largely hyped by the vendor community complicating matters even more.

I spoke about these ideas at my course at Oxford University on Web 2.0, Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS.

Hence, I was very interested to read this white paper (it’s a pdf) by devoteam in France. This is very good stuff .. And written with a vendor neutral perspective which is rare in this space. You may find parts of it technical but it still is great even if you are non technical

(BTW – I have no commercial relationships with this company – I just found this white paper useful)

link below to SDP white paper