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The ecomm conference to be held in March is an interesting place considering people who I know like Lee S Dryburgh, Martin Geddes and Dean Bubley are speaking at it. More details as per their web site and the schedule is HERE

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Some more details as below

Democratization of Communications Innovation

eComm is the venue for those interested in the radical transformation of the trillion dollar telecommunications industry. It has already started down the path that the homebrew computer took three decades ago. Just as democratized computation gave birth to the computer industry, eComm is tracking, highlighting and promoting this new wave of democratization.

eComm brings out the visionaries, emergent technologies, real-world startups, cutting-edge academic projects, views from the incumbent telecom players; garage based hacks and stirs required policy debates to create the ultimate three-day conversation.

Voice Industry Stagnancy

Telcos still see themselves as masters of communications innovation and the guardians to the creation of new services. Yet 3G, FMC, IPTV, NGN and IMS services are failing in the market place. At the same time consumer attention drifts increasingly towards Internet based service offerings such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, SecondLife, World of Warcraft Etc. which are becoming increasingly voice enabled.

Yet within the Internet realms VoIP is still heralded as the communication revolution. But VoIP on it’s own is nothing more than digital telephony and it will never be profitable. It has gained little consumer traction and can be announced as dead-on-arrival. SIP the VoIP signaling protocol even after a decade of development has had little consumer reach and the entire notion of a common signaling protocol is now under question.

Unprecedented Opportunities

eComm represents a way forwards out of this stagnancy. It is the meeting place for those interested in accelerating and profiting from the democratization of communications. It is for those who have woken up to the industry realities and who wish to race-ahead of the slumber.

A new communications landscape is ahead and the democratization of communications may hold greater opportunities than the democratization of computation which occurred three decades back. It is for this reason that eComm seeks to track, highlight and promote both the people and the technologies driving the democratization of communications innovation.

Emerging Communication Markets

Outside of advanced markets, eComm will also provide unique insight into the emerging communication markets, most notably the Chinese market.


We have a fantastic speakers list: which is a space worth watching (we can’t say anymore yet, but note the venue location for a clue).

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The conference will take place 12-14 March, 2008 at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California.

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