Web 20 inside: Response to Tim o Reilly’s comment on my blog

Firstly, let me indicate that it’s nice to have Tim commenting on the opengardens blog and many thanks to Tim for his comments. You can see the original blog Is the world moving too fast for Web 2.0 and comment from Tim.

To confirm: Yes Tim gave other examples in his talk and not just last.fm

However, the point of my blog was bigger than the examples in Tim’s keynote

It pertains to the rate of change

I have been fascinated by the rate of change since reading Alvin Toffler’s future shock as a teenager(Not normal reading for a teenager – I know :)

So, what I am arguing is: In 2003/2004 etc, it was possible to attend conferences and pick up the latest developments of Web 2.0. Today, the meme is expanding at a much faster rate. And I had a feeling when I was at the keynote – that the most interesting developments were happening outside the conference – than inside(specifically Android announcements)

Using the Web 2.0 paradigms .. I see the future more as a ‘Web 2.0 inside’ i.e. the O Reilly organization becomes a collection / showcase of thinkers who are extending the Web 2.0 meme along different dimensions.

So, I am saying that Web 2.0 should look to ‘harness intelligence’ on a wider scale and also dissipate that intelligence more easily(conferences seem to be a rather Web 1.0 way of doing this ..). There are many many more thinkers of whom we know little – specifically people from countries like Korea, Japan, India, Brazil and maybe even .. Iraq and Afghanistan ..

So, ironically – this observation arises from the success of Web 2.0 thinking .. And thus the future of Web 2.0 may well be a more decentralised approach (‘Web 2.0 Inside’ or some such link to the O Reilly site ) – keeping in mind the Toffleresque rate of change.

Indeed, I believe that this needs to happen to keep the idea of Web 2.0 relevent in the context of a faster rate of change