Tilefile: Interesting application ..

tilefile is an interesting application. Motorola invested in tilefie and their site says ..

“Motorola’s investment will enable us to continue to strengthen the Tilefile vision and meet the needs of our rapidly-growing user base,” said David Bolliger, chief executive officer, Tilefile Limited. “A Tilefile is a piece of media wrapped in people. For this we had to build the foundations for an entire new platform. The Tilefile .com web application is just the beginning. We intend to see the Tilefile format make its way to at least three types of screens.”

The Tilefile platform wraps videos, photos and audio into a single content-neutral format called a “Tile.” Social activity gathers around each Tile. The “front” of a Tile is the media; the “back” of a Tile is the community. This clear distinction results in a less fractured media experience. Rather than navigating through Internet pages, users have a non-linear view of multiple “social media packages” suitable for both phone and web. Tiles can be joined with others to form combinations that can be easily shared or launched to other locations on the Internet. The social activity centered around the Tiles “travels with” them. Through their centralized principle for organizing experiences, Tilefile aims to link people and their communities in an endless play of messaging, sharing and publishing.

I can see some interesting potential especially for mobile .. and it spans the Web and the Mobile Web worlds well.