IBM’s institute for business value

There are two publications from IBM that I follow regularly. The first is one well known; it is Irving Wladawsky-Berger’s blog

The second, relatively less known publication I have followed for some time is IBM institute for business value (which I recommend for its excellent content – all of which is free)

I first started reading IBM’s institute for business value when I read articles from Jeanette Carlsson (Communications Sector Leader, Value Creation IBM Europe)

I have blogged about Jeanette Carlsson before .. and since the last time I heard her speak, I have followed her writings especially at the IBM institute for business value.

So, it was good to catch up with Jeanette at another Visiongain event which I chaired in London recently

The presentation contained many stats – many of which I have found at the Institute of business value. I can’t post the whole presentation; however, a synopsis is as follows

a) Telcos are going from Traditional Media Business (Model relies on professional, content within a “walled” access environment; incumbents have legacy position) to New Platform Aggregation (Model relies on UGC and open distribution platforms)

b) Telcos today treat communication and content as two separate worlds. Traditional business of telcos is to enable connections between people. Traditional content business pushes one-to-many content to the market

c) However, the generation growing up sees all communications as part of a single conversation which has multiple modes: voice, SMS, IM, blog, email*

d) Thus, Overall, telco opportunity is to bridge the virtual and real worlds through role as multi-media communications provider

With a six point advice plan as follows

- Embrace Web 2.0 and Bridge Virtual and Real Worlds

- Invest in NGN, IMS & Delivery Platforms

- Deliver a 1st Class User Experience – not just Services/Content

- Innovate Business & Revenue Models – Partnering is key

- Upgrade Existing Advertising Capabilities

- Move to Open Standards and Platforms

If you want a copy of this presentation, please comment here and I can see if we can email it


  1. Hi Ajit. I am interested in a copy of the presentation.
    I met Irving Wladawsky-Berger many years ago when I was at IBM. He is a very smart, very down to earth, fun to talk to individual, with awesome accomplishments.

  2. I am also interested in a copy of the presentation mentioned above. I do research in a similar way and also provide a blog on telecommunications (unfortunately in German language only)

  3. I would also like a copy of the presentation

  4. Vadim Lander says:

    Hi Ajit, I’m very interested in the presentation. The subject of telco-centric convergence in the identity management world is something I’m working on right now.

  5. P.Capitelli says:

    Hi Ajit
    I am also interseted in a copy of the presentation

  6. Carlo says:

    Actually very interested myself as well :-) Thanks