Power of user generated content and mashups : David Gray – Sail away ..

I found this interesting .. And it’s an insight for all those who try to control media .. and shows the creativity unleashed from liberating media ..

One of David Gray’s best songs in my view is ‘Sail Away’

Benjoli(apparently 16 years of age) created this video on youtube created from scenes from X files.

Benjoli says ..

FOX, 1013, and CC all own the X-Files, I don’t. This is just for fun

x-files vid to sail away with me by david gray. I love both of them but wasnt sure if they would work together. Still, i tried it – let me know what you think =) x

Please dont sue me – this is just for fun =)

The result is a beautiful video .. I have not seen the official video so can’t compare – but I definitely liked this version.