No SIP/IMS stack for Android?

I spent a great two days at the Fraunhofer FOKUS IMS 2007 IMS workshop. My company (futuretext) is a partner of Fraunhofer FOKUS – so I am a part of the FOKUS family as Dr Thomas Magedanz (Director of Fraunhofer FOKUS) calls it.

It’s rare to see so many people, very high level of participation and also great Operator participation at events nowadays – and this event had all three ..

Hence, Fraunhofer FOKUS IMS 2007 IMS workshop was one of the best events I attended this year. Very much recommended! .

I was a part of the workshop on Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS(along with Dr Thomas Magedanz and Niklas Blum – Deputy Director of Fraunhofer FOKUS)

Here is an example why I loved this event .. It’s the quality of the discussion ..

One of the questions I asked was: Android has no SIP stack. It also has no IMS stack/interface to speak of either. What are the implications of that?

This is interesting .. It may be a gap for a start-up. Or .. It may be irrelevant – here is why ..

Basically IMS is a secure mobile connection and / or a guaranteed (QOS) mobile connection. By working at the service layer, Google overcomes some of the issues that hamper IMS type applications. In doing so, it foregoes certain applications(potentially things requiring some form of higher QOS.).

However, if the bearer is WiFi(as it is starting to be increasingly) then this does not matter because many network /telephony applications can be run over WiFi. Downside is low QOS.

In any case, the lack of IMS/SIP support is interesting and one to watch

I will have many more blogs on this event since there was a lot to learn and I am still getting to grips with it all ..

Among the people who contributed to the above discussion were Malcolm Wardlaw – Director converged services – BT group, Roberta Minerva – Long term research TIM, Thomas, Niklas and many more

And the evening social event was great .. Pasta Opera is a unique event! Even for one who has no understanding of classical music


  1. Heinrich Arnold says:

    Indeed, with new operating system(s) emerging, operators should really think about what role they want to play in the (web) services domain and provide interesting enablers to the applications community that are already linked to the operating systems for better performance etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fraunhofer Institut is hardly the place to go to if you want a neutral view on this (they having funding from companies who promote IMS). IMS is not needed to get a secure connection. It is sad to think that IMS gives you QoS (no matter what hardcore telco vendors tell you) i.e. QoS or lack of it are determined in the transport layer: IMS’s role here is mostly superficial and mostly it is to do with call admission … which can be achieved in other ways. I am not saying that IMS does not have a role to play …. especially if want to spend a lot of money for little return.

  3. I expect to be in a position to say more (in my blog) later in December, but for now let me point out this quote, in the Open Handset Alliance press release here:
    “NMS Communications is pleased to add our industry-leading IMS framework to the Open Handset Alliance initiative. I believe this Alliance will unlock unprecedented innovation in mobile operating systems benefiting operators, consumers and suppliers alike.”
    – Joel Hughes, General Manager, Mobile Applications, NMS Communications

  4. Hey, Worked on making a simple SIP User Agent for Android. It is based on the mjsip User Agent and the mjsip stack ported for Android by

  5. Niklas Blum says:

    As a reply to the post from November, 29th by anonymous: Only because we do projects with big telco vendors that promote their products and also IMS, it does not mean that as an independent research institute, we don’t take our freedom of an independent opinion. This is actually what is always wanted by our partners and customers. But indeed, there is a lot to argue about IMS, and I believe only the future will show us which party in this discussion succeeds.

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