Leopard, spots change – Verizon ..

Verizon has opened up! What do we say? At this rate, my blog ‘OpenGardens’ will become redundant

But seriously .. Like Om Malik, I am sceptical a bit .. But .. I am also an optimist ..

This is clearly a significant move ..

However, it should be looked at in context of the broader market .. iPhone, Google, Android, 700 Mhz auction etc etc ..

The walled gardens model is truly dead and a mixture of regulatory, competitive and customer led changes are the winners here ..

In many ways, such moves should be encouraged – like I blogged about Three’s about turn ..(Three was one of the closest operators in Europe at one time and now goes to the other end of the spectrum)

The bottom line is: Operators have little choice .. The customers are driving this change and history has always dictated this change(for instance in the case of AOL)

The real question we have to ask is: Is the phone a creation device(Web 2.0/Mobile Web 2.0) or is it a consumption device? That’s the difference between OpenGardens and Walled Gardens ..

As we go into an era of creation, openness is inevitable