Kathy Sierra at Berlin Web 2.0 expo

It’s nice to see Kathy Sierra speaking at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 expo in Berlin .

The topic is interesting and I look forward to knowing more about creating passionate users ..

I am also speaking at this event on the impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telco industry. If you are in Berlin next week, happy to meet. Please contact me at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com

Outline of Kathy’s topic as below

What do game designers, neurobiologists, and filmmakers know about creating passionate users? How can we take better advantage of how the brain works to reach our users at a deep emotional level that inspires their enthusiasm and participation? The latest research in cognitive science, brain chemistry, and psychology can help you figure out how to get attention and keep it. We’ll look at how to work around the brain’s natural filters that keep your message from getting in. We’ll explore the techniques game developers use to keep users engaged and wanting more, and how these techniques can be applied to virtually any kind of communication. Most importantly, we’ll look at the lessons learned from the organizations and individuals who’ve succeeded at turning on the hearts and brains of their users. Whether you’re looking to drive up the hits on your web site, increase membership and involvement, or build a passionate “fan” base around your product, service, or cause, the answer lies in reverse engineering the things for which people are passionate, and finding ways to implement those same attributes in what we offer.

Speaker – Kathy Sierra