Gillian Gibbons – teddy bear teacher ..


Like many others on blogosphere, I wish to express my disgust at the treatment of Gillian Gibbons in Sudan.

Apparantly, the Sudanese government now wants to create ‘workshops’ to orient foreigners about local cultures .. I wonder if they will include the bit about 40 lashes in those workshops ..


  1. Mel Middleton says:

    In fascist Sudan, calling a Teddy Bear by the wrong name can get you 40 lashes and imprisonment. Yet a militia leader, Musa Hillal, whose forces rape, dismember, behead, burn and kill women and children, can roam the capital freely, receive ammunition and money from the government, while the entire Arab League and Organization for Islamic States turns a blind eye.

  2. Cesare says:

    The matter is really awkward. Sudan is a country in a mess, governed by religious people. I am disgusted as well, a government that rapes and let their women be raped in Darfur, then trial in court some foreign teacher who went there to help??? Sudan, Vaffanculo!
    I have a dog called “Salvatore”, what should the church do to me, and my little sheep called Maria?? Know what? I wish Sara Khawad lashes for some her wrong doing, as a very cool economist called Jesus Christ said: “He that is without guilt cast the first stone” you bitch. I am not cactholic, I follow the modern world and worship money, how’s that?

  3. pete says:

    So this is what the world has come too – thanx to the controling religions of the world in this instance it the muslim religion -jailing an innicent woman for allowing children to call there class teddy bear Mohammed is a BIG MISTAKE to the majority of the sane world.
    Is this the true colours of the Islam world ??
    I think id prefer to live in a world where i have freedom of speech and the right to live my life and make my own choices than to be dictated too my a dead religion that only enforces fear and control by evil men.
    the muslim lifestyle- no thanx -i think ill take a rain check this life.
    good luck GILLIAN -come back to the UK as quickly as possible.
    We are all praying for your safety.

  4. Mike Crocker says:

    The world has gone mad. Surely Muhammed is a merciful God? would Christians be so indignant if a class of children named a teddy Jesus? Of course not!
    I was incensed when i heard about this case and wished I could do something to show my support for this poor woman.

  5. Ajit Jaokar says:

    many thanks for your comments on this. As a technology blog, there is always the question if one should blog about something like this .. However, I feel strongly about the issue and felt that in a small way, I could help by highlighting it. Many thanks again. kind rgds Ajit

  6. Helen says:

    All your friends are thinking about you Gill. We pray for your safe return very soon.

  7. Claire says:

    I am writing to show my support for Gillian in this insane situation.
    I just can’t believe that in this day & age we are letting them do this to her. It’s disgusting and totally unforgivable.
    I would say a prayer for Gillian but for a long time have believed that all religions are cults and now I know for sure!
    My thoughts, however, have not left Gillian since her arrest.
    Let’s hope for a better result for her today.

  8. Ayman Talsam says:

    Hi, first of all I would like to apologize to the poor lady, Gillian, who intended no harm. I’m a Muslim Sudanese and I’m actually ashamed of the recent issue raised about this case, which was unfair from my point of view…I would like to apologize to Ms. Gillian, her kids, and the entire British people regardless of their religion or race…please understand that the protests in Sudan were fueled by the attitudes of the west and the mistrust in them.
    Ordinary people on the streets of Khartoum know little about the British teacher and the teddy bear that her class named, yet she is known to be from a culture they have been told stands in direct opposition to theirs. This is what they know, so please forgive them. however, I hope the teacher to arrive home safely and even be able to visit Sudan again.

  9. Daniel James says:

    @ Ayman
    I respect your desire to apologize and I hope that the people of the UK can see the need for forgiveness as well. They should also remember that Sudan was left in a big mess by their once rulers the British and that the civil war began when the British left a divided country to fend for itself.
    In my mind I see the madness of the whole situation and am relieved at Gillian’s release, however most people these days understand the tensions that exist between our two ideologies and know that in matters of Islam we must be respectful. If you want to work in a Muslim country you must be aware and sensitive to the nature of its people.

  10. Caroline says:

    For years the UK has sought to promote equality and religious freedom for all regardless of colour, gender or sexuality. An honest, hardworking teacher,a promoter of inclusion goes to Sudan in order to teach and help their young children and ends up being imprisoned for her efforts. Maybe the extremist idiots behind this disgraceful display could learn from the seven year olds who saw no wrong in naming their teddy Mohammed and have none of the hatred and bigotry of their elders.My eight year old son has classmates of every colour and religion but none of these children see any differences between them, all they see are friends. Grow up world, take a leaf from the kids’ book.