futuretext: The story behind the name ..

I always wanted to do this blog .. so here goes ..

A marketing / branding person once asked me: Who did your PR and branding?

At first I thought that she was after some work from our company .. and since I had done the futuretext branding and logo myselves, I thought .. maybe she is criticising how it looks ..

But no ..

She went on to say .. It was fantastic name for a publishing company focussed on emerging technologies ..

This made me happy ofcourse ..

But should I have been happy?

The real story is far less flattering .. and here it is ..

I started with mobile messaging applications around 2000. SMS was the rage .. but MMS was emerging ..

So, originally .. I wanted to start a company based on messaging .. and beliveved .. and hold your breath for this .. ‘The future of ‘text’ is MMS’

So, that was the idea behind ‘futuretext’

Real marketing people like my good friend Russell Buckley(Now MD Europe of Admob) were wiser .. and warned that MMS was (is!) a dog .. It is never going anywhere ..

But I was convinced otherwise .. and bet my business on it so to speak!

(In fairness, I thought MMS may become a transport mechanism – like WAP .. and that’s why I thought it may always have a future)

Anyway .. the rest as they say is history ..

I entered publishing .. and futuretext was an ideal name for a publishing company by happy coincidence …

So, what does this all tell you?

a) I am no branding / marketing person

b) Sometimes you can f**k up badly .. but still get lucky

c) And the future of text is ‘futuretext’ :)

And its years before I dared to make another prediction – this one with a lot more success if I may add with some modesty .. Mobile web 2.0: AJAX for mobile devices – why mobile AJAX will replace both J2ME and XHTML as the preferred platform for mobile applications development – Part two


  1. a good story it is. many of the best things happened totally unplanned.

  2. ram says:

    serendipity is a great mother of invention. Your story is touching in a very different way. i am reminded on somerset maugham’s Of Human bondage (i think) where the master tells him ( after he was told that he was no great painter )….I wish i had your sense at you age and asked somebody…..
    all the very best in futuretexting…fantastic name