Android fragmentation ..

Richard Monson Haefel writes an interesting blog about Android fragmentation. The issue is accurate ofcourse and Richard has spotted it well. However, it’s not as bad as JVM fragmentation.

What is needed is a kind of ‘handset capability exchange’ – a means to exchange capabilities of handsets dynamically between two devices (or between a device and an Operator/application). This may be easily built into the OHA stack and would be able to indicate to others the exact APIs supported by the device


  1. raddedas says:

    Android fragmentation is not as bad as JVM fragmentation in the same way that mobile AJAX fragmentation is not as bad as JVM fragmentation – when you have (next to) no installed user base, there’s nothing to fragment. As soon as you get volume, you get fragmentation. JVM fragmentation is far less of a problem than non-programmers think – sure it’s a pain, but not as much of a pain once you have a little experience as the huge proliferation of screen sizes, native font sizes, etc etc. These will be the same for every platform and will cause problems for everyone; OS and firmware bugs will also hit every platform not just JVMs.
    Android will have worse fragmentation because it is designed to be completely customisable in a myriad of ways by every manufacturer and/or operator – something the MIDP spec does not allow, in general MIDP just have a few high level APIs either present or not. That is a recipe for fragmentation.