Where to buy the Nokia N81?

It is irritating to see Operator after Operator in the uk ban the Nokia N81. When I go to the stores like Carphone warehouse, I see boring phones as ‘exclusives’. Qs is: where can we buy phones like the N81 when they are not easily available?

Surely there must be an easy way to do this? Conversely, if none of the operators support N81, can it work unlocked?

This is a general principle though .. not a specific phone .. I just feel that the phones we are being marketed to may not be the best ones ..


  1. Nokia N81 says:

    Both the Nokia N81 and N81 8GB are now available in the UK. The N81 is only available on Vodafone at the moment whereas the N81 8Gb is on Vodafone and O2.
    CPW are stocking the 8GB version and selling via their group of websites like e2save on O2 and Virgin Mobile whilst Vodafone direct are also stocking the 8GB.
    With the small price difference between the models you may as well opt for the 8GB version.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I just saw the N81 with the Bose package, truly impressive. The packaging is quite nice, and the headphones rock. It would have been nice to see something like that from the beginning, yet instead the early adopters are still waiting for n gage to launch!