Of politicians, light bulbs, trieing and anti file sharing legislation ..


How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?

None. Politicians only promise change.

And let us hope this one is only promising change!

In the UK, the good Lord Triesman has proposed Anti file sharing legislation. Of all the things, he is a minister at the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills!

The good lord triesman may well live up to his name and try to introduce such legislation .. but I am with Cory here ..

Cory Doctorow described the idea as “misbegotten”.


“It represents the opinion of someone who doesn’t understand technology very well, and hasn’t really thought through the implications of what he’s promising.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s an actual computer scientist involved in digital signal processing who believes that you can accurately identify copyrighted works with any kind of reliability in a variety of situations,” he said.

He believed the idea would createa “giant toxic pool of personally idenitifying private information” that ISPs would not be able to keep secret.

“You will dismantle the fundamentals of the democratic state, which is to be free in your person, your mind and your conversation from scrutiny and surveillance. So this is a really misbegotten idea,” he told iPM.


I don’t condone file sharing – I don’t want to see legislation against it

In an ironic twist, the Lord/Baron has an ultra left background ; communist party, unions, protests against nuclear scientists .. that sort of thing .. interesting what he is doing here proposing such legislation as our minister of Innovation, universities and skills!