Half of AT&T 3Q subs bought iPhone

According to telecoms.com/Informa, Half of AT&T 3Q subs bought iPhone

very impressive indeed. Also good for the whole high end/media rich phone segment – both for carriers and for device manufacturers ..

Apple has shifted a total of 1.4 million units in total and even if 250,000 of these have been hacked, that still means almost half of AT&T’s net additions over the past three months were on the iPhone.


  1. TW says:

    Hi Ajit,
    The iPhone success actually depends on which way you look at this. AT&T actually had gross adds of 5.3 million, so in terms of total connections made in 3Q iPhone was more like 20%. If you look at “net” adds (which takes into account the 3.3m disconnections during quarter) then yes, iPhone would be over 50%. Even so, 20% for a single device is still very significant.
    I personally think the most interesting figure AT&T released is that their base has gone from ca. 300k 3G subs to 7 million in just one year. They’re shipping 3G devices at an incredible rate.

  2. TW says:

    Just skimmed the AT&T conference call transcript and another very interesting paragraph jumped out (see below). Valid comment re: early adopters, but this is showing a very healthy trend on 3G data usage.
    Richard G. Linder, CFO:
    “You also ask about wireless 3G and ARPU and I think that’s a tremendous opportunity for us and I think the numbers you had are about right. We’ve got, right now we’re running about $11 of data ARPU in our post-paid base, but those customers that have adopted 3G handsets are running nearly double that. They’re in the $20 to low-$20 range. They’re currently running at about 30% or a little over 30% of data as a percentage of their total ARPU. I think that kind of frames the opportunity out there, at least in the near term. Now, certainly those first 7 million will tend to be more early adopters of data services and that’s why they’re opting to go with the 3G handsets, but I do think that helps define the opportunity.”

  3. Ajit Jaokar says:

    thanks for your comments Thomas! agree re comments on 3G data. kind rgds Ajit