Are social networking and ugc cannibalising ringtones, wallpapers, mobile games etc ..


Are social networking and ugc cannibalising mobile ringtones, wallpapers, games etc ..

There was a time when these content types were the rage. Today, you hardly hear anyone talking about them.

Especially with the rise of user generated content and social networking sites(on mobile and especially on the web) .. Ringtones, wallpapers etc seem to be no longer a fad.

My theory is:

People(especially teens) are fickle. They have limited attention spans. They like ‘free’. Thus, every teen that spends time on sites like MySpace and Facebook is not going to download that ringtone or that game or use that wallpaper to glam up their phone

With so much attention (both individual and industry) going to user generated content; ringtones, wallpapers and games are on the decline



  1. nabil says:

    Definitely agree with you. As I can see around me (especially with teens), the ringtones, wallpaper … were only a fad at their times, something new and free. To be seen as cool and different from others, teens had to have a cool ringtone, cool wallpaper. Now this mode is outdated, teens are looking for more free communication, free sharing (video, photos…).
    It is only my 2 cents.

  2. jkloubec says:

    This is a “spot on” observation. Social networking won’t kill other types of content, but definitely adjust the spend in those areas. With the exception of some power users, the youth and younger adult market (which would be the largest consumers of these services) have a finite wallet or finite subsidized allowance from a responsible bill payer. Dropping costs in voice minutes will help raise revenues in data and content services as a replacement in total ARPU, but the key for true growth will be what other products the Operators can convince that consumer to live without. With flat or declining ARPU in many markets, this problem obviously has not been solved.