What can you learn from Warren Buffet about Web advertising ..


As you can see, we have started to experiment with advertising on the opengardens blog. This is a part of a larger vision to launch the opengardens network .

I have always had mixed feelings about advertising. However, advertising is the currency of the web and more so – Web 2.0. Hence the strategy to launch the opengardens network funded by advertising is an effort to create a service that adds value and at the same time ‘walk the walk’ so to speak.

The decision had an unlikely inspiration – Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet‘s website)

The site itself is a classic. Have a look at it. In 2007, I have not seen anything else like it.

Sparse is the word. Very sparse.(Historically, Warren Buffet has avoided technology – and until recently did not carry a mobile phone)

At the bottom it says ‘If you have any comments about our WEB page ..’

This is not a typo

It is a “page” i.e. singular (the outbound links are either to pdfs or to other companies in the Berkshire umbrella).

There is no concept of service ( ‘ However, due to the limited number of personnel in our corporate office, we are unable to provide a direct response ‘ )

What it does have ironically is advertising ..

Blatantly so ..

Let’s start with the chairman’s message ..

Do we get a stock tip?


Instead we get three separate companies the chairman endorses ..( Geico, Borsheim and BHLN)

And no prizes for guessing who is the majority share holder in each!

And guess what provides the only spot of colour on an otherwise plain website ..

Two ads .. Again its Geico and Borsheim

The whole website and the advertisement are a surreal experience. It’s almost as if .. pal Bill Gates spoke to Warren over a steak at Gorats (You must have a Web site Warren ..) .. and the rest was put up by a kid for free ..

Which probably goes to show why Mr Buffet is a very wealthy man and why we should learn from him

If it works for Warren it may well work for the rest of us!

Image source: Wikipedia ..


Buffet’s favorite place to eat is Gorat’s Steak House in Omaha, where he always purchases a T-bone steak (cooked rare), a double order of hash browns, and Cherry Coke. )