(Verizon’s) Mobile web 20 is a joke ..


Yesterday I received a curious email with the subject ‘Mobile web 20 is a joke’

Having opened it – I realised that the sender was complaining about Verizon’s Mobile Web 2.0 and not our book Mobile Web 2.0

When I first heard about Verizon’s version of mobile web 20, I thought I was going to sell more books :) I did not realise I would end up being helpdesk to disgruntled Verizon customers!

However .. In the interests of helping the industry .. I am trying to help this person

His mail says ..

My (Verizon) cell phone has been upgraded to Mobile Web 2.0. I can no longer access certain websites that I need and frequent because of it. The previous version worked just fine for me. The best thing for the writers of Mobile Web 2.0 to do is fix this “bug”. Otherwise that would leave the door wide open for sonebody else to write better version of a Mobile Web type program that wouldn’t have these problems. I have heard of many others experiencing simular problems with Mobile Web 2.0.

The one site that I’m mostly concerned about obtaining in my Yahoo Fantasy Sports Teams (I currently have 3 teams-1 Baseball and 2 Football). It says that I don’t have any. It almost acts like some sort of a firewall. I can access my email, weather etc. but not my Fantasy Sports teams. I have been told by others that they are nolonger recieving certain instant text messages from certain sites.

Being based in the UK, I don’t know the specifics of this but it appears that – not only is it a walled garden – but it is even more restrictive than its predecessor!

Anyone else have any more insights on this? Is this a common problem? Have you managed to overcome it?


  1. This is pretty common for Verizon. They’re the folks who have disabled the ability to follow a URL from a text message. In my opinion, Verizon continues to have the worst walled garden of all the US operators.
    Others, who are accused of having walls, enable Google search and URL entry. I fail to see how that is walled.