The litmus test: Will the litmus paper turn Orange ..

We are all familiar with the Litmus test – where the Litmus paper turns Red or Blue depending on the acidic / alkaline nature of the chemical.

As an industry, we are facing our own acid test …

Orange has excluded both Nokia and Motorola from it’s list of Christmas handsets. As I said in the chicken or the egg blog, customers always choose a device first ..

And hence the litmus test. Will they choose ‘Orange’ over the devices (which Orange has now excluded)

Here is a clue .. Dean Bubley laments Orange’s user interface on Sony Ericsson devices – and he is a SE fan!

Either way – it’s a horrible user experience and reflects negatively on both operator and handset vendor. Will it increase his spending on new & wonderful multimedia services or improve loyalty? Yeah right.

Perhaps phones are like cars…. the people who design them best are the original designers, especially non-smart featurephones. I don’t add on nasty bits of plastic from Halfords to modify my car, and I don’t want nasty bits of software modifying my phone.

If an industry veteran like Dean cannot work it out .. I think Orange has a problem ..

The real issue is: This is not the time to play games .. Customers are going to compare the poor interface with the iPhone .. And guess who will win?

I am watching this with interest!

Orange is getting some things right(especially Martin Duvall’s team – more on that soon) – but this is not one of them!