Standardization across handsets, OMTP, 2D barcodes, Micro USB

Here is a practical way for operators to jump start the mobile web ..

I believe that there could be a role for bodies like OMTP

It came from a suggestion from Daniel Rosen (Head of AKQA Mobile)’s presentation’s at the Mobile Web 2.0 events(Daniel is a good friend whose views I like and respect)

Daniels’ suggestion was in a nutshell; Operators should standardise across 2d barcodes (also called QR codes)

I fully agree with this!

2d barcodes are ubiquitous and they are a key driver to the mobile web uptake because they can be in magazines and other publications and can be linked directly to a mobile web site

Others like Tomi Ahnonen also rave on about QR codes

This could be a role for an organization like OMTP which could undertake standardization which helps jump start the industry.

Recently, OMTP took the same role with standardisation on micro-USB – a positive step in my view

This form of cross synergy which help developers/customers is most welcome and indicate a role which a cross industry body can play


  1. Jim says:

    Standardization of 2D codes is a great idea. However, such a standard should not be based on QR Code. QR is an idustrial code that is not optimized for mobile phones or consumer applications. Looking forward we must have a mobile code format that supports the nature of mobile devices and applications. Check out mCode as such a format.

  2. Swampthing says:

    I was not going to touch this, but, oh well. Check out MC2 and the watch for the new NeoReader by Neomedia Technologies.
    Additional companies to watch HP, Publicis, Nokia, Active Print & Gavitec.