OpenGardens network – launches next week ..


We continue to make good progress to the OpenGardens network

We will launch the OpenGardens network next week

The simple principle of focussing on bloggers who are insightful – but infrequent (especially bloggers who work in corporate blogs but have personal blogs ) gets us some very smart people!.

We are happy to work with such insightful thinkers like Martin Duval (who works for Orange) , Stephen Johnston (who works for Nokia), Daniel Appelquist(Vodafone) , C Enrique Ortiz , Simeon Simeonov(Polaris ventures), Chetan Sharma , Rakesh Radhakrishnan(Sun Microsystems) , Luke Razzell , Sergey Slovetskiy (Ericsson) and many others

I am looking for more insightful bloggers especially in the Web 2.0, Social networking and the enterprise space. Any recommendations, welcome


  1. Ravi S says:

    You can get in touch with Sidhartha Bezbora who writes a leading mobile blog in India