Motorola – Sprint announcement may be bigger than iPhone announcement ..

Sep 28 was a big day .. Motorola and sprint demoed their new WiMAX 802.16e mobile handoffs across a Sprint brand Xohm prototype network on a boat cruising downtown Chicago’s skyscraper-canyoned mid-town river..

It was an event I was hoping to make this week but last the travel was too complex considering I am in orlando this weekend onwards chairing Mobile Web Americas

I am watching this space with great interest.

This announcement may be a game changer and bigger than the iPhone.

Unlike the iPhone announcement, which seems to have got a lot of press, the wimax demo is a fundamentally useful application and extends the network along new dimensions. Like I have always said(In an IP(IMS) world, the mobile device will drive convergence because services shift to the edge of the network – and devices are at the edge of the network ..), existing device manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia will be the big winners of the iPhone hype

Both Intel and Motorola are doing some very interesting work with Wimax

Great to see Motorola with some good news considering a few recent difficult quarters ..

More information at the Motorola site