Burma ..

Lets hope this is the start of something big and a better / more open life for the people of Burma ..


  1. jimmy says:

    At last the (so called) civilised world seems to be picking up on an issue that some of us have been denouncing for years, namely the plight of the Burmese people, in particular the opposition National League for Democracy, and further the illegal detention of Aung San Suu Kyi. Alas, a country without many plunderable resources seems to warrant little attention (this is not a modern phenomenon) and our global society seems condemned to repeat the mistakes of history. The only people who appear to speak out against such atrocities are the artists and activists. Our friends Pig have uploaded a song in support of burma and its people to their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/1933 its dedicated to all those in favour of humanity and respect for people you may never know. jimmy