What’s the real life location of the ‘Sad Hill Cemetery’ in the Good, Bad and the Ugly(Wisdom of crowds)?


While critics like Andrew Keen rail about Wikipedia , Web 2.0 and user generated content in general , (interesting last name ‘keen’ for one who writes so pessimistic a book) .. wikipedia has given a new meaning to watching films

Being a fan of Sergio Leone movies in general, and in particular – The Good, Bad and the Ugly , I watched it today for the nth time ..

However, nowadays when I see a movie, I look it up in Wikipedia .. (Something which adds a whole new dimension to watching the movie – and is just one of the many ways Web 2.0 is creeping into our lives – much to the dismay of the doomsdayers ..)

And you find a lot of interesting information ..

Such as ..

For the role of Tuco(ugly), Sergio Leonie wanted someone with “natural comic talent”

However, I could not find the bit of information I was seeking ..

I really wanted to find the location of the ‘Sad Hill cemetery’ – the famous showdown at the end of the movie

Oddly, Wikipedia does not have that

Nor do I find it on Google so easily.

Does anyone know?

Let’s prove Mr Keen wrong(wisdom of crowd works)!


  1. Michael says:

    Hello everyone & Hi Ajit & Dear Mr Keen:
    ok. so here´s my guess:
    “Carazo, Burgos, Castilla y León, Spain”
    via http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0060196/locations
    great blog & thx for your articles!

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Yes, I have a Clint Eastwood biography (‘The Man with no name’) which confirms that it is Carazo near Salas De Los Infantes. The cemetery was built especially for the film under the direction of the chief pyrotechnician for the film (who I assume also designed the bridge that Joe and Tuco destroy). I’m not sure if it’s still there, or if Arch Stanton ever got a new coffin lid…

  3. Jon Phelps says:

    Here are some great photos of the remains of Sad Hill:
    - Jon

  4. Ajit Jaokar says:

    thanks Jon

  5. murray says:

    Hi guys,
    I think wikipedia has been updated since you were looking at it, and you probably have your answer, but here goes anyway:
    “Leone was unable to find an actual cemetery for the Sad Hill shootout scene, so the Spanish pyrotechnics chief hired 250 Spanish soldiers to build the cemetery in Carazo near Salas de los Infantes, which they completed in two days.”
    Hope this helps. One of my favourite films ever too.

  6. :Robert: says:

    Michael from above, Thanks for the clue as to the location of the Sand Hill Cemetery that was built for the filming of the “Good, Bad and the Ugly. I did a little looking around on GOOGLE EARTH to find the Cemetery. And I did. The coordinates are, 41.583836 North, 3.220023 West. That is dead center of the cemetery.

  7. BMKStevens says:

    Great work guys>Keep it up!!!

  8. Peter Thyssen says:

    If you want a real good look from above, these coordinates are, 41.592988 North, 3.242588 West. That is dead center of the cemetery
    Look at http://sigpac.mapa.es/fega/visor/
    There you can count the graves separatly!! you can zoom in on 10 meters! awesome..

  9. John says:

    I once looked up the cemetery, thinking the name was sand hill. Could it be? Anyway, there are several cemeteries called Sand Hill.

  10. paul says:

    hi ,me and my brother are thinking about going to sand hill cemetery in carazo,do anybody no how far it is from this town.thanks paul swansea uk.

  11. James says:

    visited the location last week-go to contreras near sallas de los infantes then find dirt track out of town past church signposted silo 6 Km. Follow for about 3 Km and you find a signpost with a cows skull and a stone plaque with leone on it. You walk about 50-100 metres into field and in bowl shaped depression are one or two wooden crosses. much greener than in film but it was november. photos on facebook under valencia trip but was cloudy and foggy so not very good

  12. Bob says:

    Clicked on the sigpac link, but I dont speak Spanish…can anyone pinpoint it for me…Im in the right area just cant find it precisely

  13. knoxploration says:

    The coordinates quoted by Robert above in this thread are actually off by almost fifty kilometers. However, I’ve got the correct ones thanks to the general coordinates from this thread, plus a little comparison to the overhead photos:
    Here’s the precise center of the cemetery (barely visible in Google Maps, easily visible if you zoom in using the Visor SigPac tool linked from this thread):
    41º 59′ 25.86″ N, 3º 24′ 30.64″ W
    (41.990517, -3.408511 if you prefer decimal)
    …and here’s the POW camp (very easily seen in both Google Maps and the Visor SigPac tool):
    41º 58′ 21.31″ N 3º 21′ 39.59″ W
    (41.972586, -3.360997 if you prefer decimal)

  14. andy says:

    Great work… I’ve wanted to know where the cemetary was for ages. A lot of work went into it for the film. Thanks for the info and the link to the modern day pictures is brilliant

  15. Lorenzo Durand says:

    I was searching for the exact coordinates for the GBU locations… I love the location shooting and the movie.
    Those photos are beautiful. Sand hill is on my list when I go to Spain!!!
    Love you guys!!!

  16. Lorenzo Durand says:

    I was searching for the exact coordinates for the GBU locations… I love the location shooting and the movie.
    Those photos are beautiful. Sand hill is on my list when I go to Spain!!!
    Love you guys!!!