Nokia could be the ‘Microsoft’ for Apple in the Mobile data industry ..

While Apple makes all the PR, Nokia makes the profits!

I think the biggest beneficiary of the iPhone will be Nokia ..

Like on the desktop, Apple will create the market .. but like Microsoft did on the desktop, another company(and my money is on Nokia) will actually own the market.

With one in every three handsets being Nokia handsets , domination of the Indian and the Chinese markets and also success at the top end of the market(N95 in Europe) ; this is truly interesting.

This scale can be leveraged in other ways like the Nokia ad service .

More importantly, from my perspective, the strategy of being an Internet company (point d in this blog) will mean even more growth at the top end; beyond the current Mobile data industry as we know it – and leveraging the network effects of the Internet

And it continues to win mindshare within the developer community by being the most targeted mobile phone in the world for developers.

The only company that can match this level of innovation is not Apple .. but Google .. and that will be truly a landscape to watch .. because it will be a battle of two companies that understand the Internet – and hence a much more sweeping change for all of us unlike the current mobile data industry


  1. Erkko says:

    Good post! People really forget the scale of Nokia a lot of the time, and what it means in business opportunities.
    An interesting part in this battle might actually be played by the emerging Alliance of Google and Apple, depending on where they take it. Those two companies together have an interesting set of competencies to innovate with.