Mobile crunch: A different interpretation ..


This is a different interpretation of ‘Mobile crunch’ and I hope that the good folk over at the real Mobilecrunch don’t mind this little play on words ..

How often do you walk with your head down typing on your mobile phone – and you bump into something ..

Today, I was walking at our local Harrow on the hill shopping mall – minding my own business as I typed merrily on my blackberry when suddenly …

Crunnnnch ..

A toy bunny lay dead under my feet

You see .. we have these street vendors who sell wind up toys in the yard of the shopping centre ..

And I walked straight into one of those toy wound up bunnies ‘playing’ on the ground ..

Horrified children looked at the carnage .. And the vendor smiled on feigning sympathy as he sensed a sure sale ..

Anyway I am now a proud owner of a squashed bunny

What have you mobile ‘crunched’/bumped into as you type on your phone?