How to solve the UK Identity crisis using Facebook ..

I was speaking at Mobile Monday/Sun Microsystems last night on a panel.

Sun was an excellent host – but I wish they would have spoken more about areas like Liberty Alliance which are of interest to developers and to me personally for my PhD work (based on Identity and Reputation systems).

Also, we are just launching a book written by Rakesh Radhakrishnan from Sun Microsystems called Identity & Security A Common Architecture & Framework For SOA and Network Convergence – hence my added interest in Identity.

NFC was the other big topic of discussion – with excellent presentations from Dr Janko Mrsic-flogel (who I had the pleasure of meeting when I spoke at 3GSM)

And also, there was an excellent presentation from forumoxford member Dave Birch).

Dave Birch is a key member of the Identity society (of which I am one of the earliest members as well) and Dave always has some great insights

In his inimitable style and sense of humour, Dave proposed the following to overcome the Identity crisis in the UK

a) The government must have a facebook page and THEN

b) It must create a new law that everyone MUST link to that facebook page ..

There you go! A cheap and a simple way to solve the Identity crisis!!

He awaits a response from the Home Office ..

Finally, one of the questions I raised was the integration of OpenId into the telecoms network – a subject of a separate blog

Thanks to Luke Razzell for inviting me and for chairing the panel


  1. Hi Ajit.
    I have a feeling the nation would need membership of more than one digital community to construct its identity.
    Have posted on exactly this today on fasterfuture: