An invitation to join the OpenGardens network ..

In the article: Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask .. – I mentioned about bloggers who blog occasionally and how difficult it would be to get coverage – considering that people would rarely subscribe to a blog which is updated infrequently

Raddedas and Dag commented about this – and in response to that – I am posting Part three(evolution of the OpenGardens network) now(before Part Two – which is about publishing)

The key issue, as both Raddedas and Dag point out is: there is value in blogs which are insightful but infrequent

The question is: how to promote them?

The answer to this question was to be a part of the evolution of the OpenGardens network

The problem we solve is: How to bring the best writing to the Web when it is not frequently posted and at the same time promote the source blogs as well.

One model which seems to work is the techmeme model . Techmeme relies on human editors. Typically, these editors are top bloggers.

While techmeme works, it still has many problems

Most of the stories covered are America based

They are biased to some themes(Google phone rumours for example)

And I find that they are still sourced from very few sources

So, what I am considering is : a human edited version of techmeme but within specific verticals/themes


a) Evolving from the OpenGardens blog, the OpenGardens network would have a set of blogs – each covering a theme

b) We would have set of preferred sources(blogs)

c) Articles from these(and other recommended blogs) would feature on the OpenGardens network

d) They would be linked back to the source thus providing coverage

e) Each blog would have an accompanying FAQ (maybe not to begin with)

f) I expect to launch in mid Sep since I am speaking at four major conferences from that time and it will get good coverage

g) The network will be ad sponsored – with ads on my blogs only(not the contributor’s blogs)

h) We will start with: Web 2.0, Mobile Web 2.0, Social networking, User generated content and Enterprise web 2.0 purely because I know these three areas on my own – at least enough to edit

I seek feedback for this and please contact me at ajit.jaokar at if you want to be considered to be included as a contributor to the OpenGardens network.

You should have a relevant blog, its free, there will be a logo/image to go on your blog. Other than that, nothing else. It should get you good traffic both on the OpenGardens network itself and also the FAQ.

The OpenGardens blog is already respected and I shall be inviting many people I already know to this – so hopefully you can benefit even if your blog is not a frequent contributor


  1. Jason says:

    Hi Ajit,
    Techmeme has human intervention but the content is mostly derived from an algorithm written by the founder Gabe Rivera.