Sprint-Nextel – Banning top 1000 complaining (paying) customers

Tomi Ahonen is very upset and has a long blog about this issue : For industry accused of arrogance, pinnacle of conceit: Customer comes last at Sprint Nextel

Tomi says ..


CNN has just a few moment ago reported that Sprint Nextel, in its infinite wisdom, has sent 1,000 of its customers a letter informing them that because they have placed too many calls to the calling center asking for help or complaining about the Sprint/Nextel services, they are terminating the customer relationship.

Sprint Nextel must immediately apologize and invite all cancelled customers to return. We cannot allow ANY business to arbitrarily punish customers who call the calling center “too much above the average”

Shame on you Sprint Nextel ! This will go down as the most moronic marketing move by any company ever, worse than New Coke. The Marketing Management at Sprint Nextel better offer their resignations and the CEO better accept them. This is shameful for the whole profession of marketing, not just wireless telecoms.

We will monitor this story and report on its developments. I will dig up Sprint Nextel’s CMO name etc next. But all of you, please join us, blog about this now and condemn this abusive action. No company can get away with this. Not in this new age when Communities Dominate.


The report is HERE

The report says that Sprint ‘needed to cull its customer base to improve services’. :)


  1. Babar Bhatti says:

    I wrote about this and one user commented that it was a smart way to terminate the contract without paying the $175 fee.

  2. Mark in CA says:

    I think that before you pass judgment on SPrint/Nextel, you need to do more research on the full extent of the activities these 1000 customers were involved in. Anyone who complains as much as these people did can’t possibly be happy with their service, and it was apparent that no matter what SPrint/Nextel did, it would not satisfy these customers. Let’s face it, there are just some people who are like this. Sprint/Nextel felt the best resolution was to stop doing business with these people, and after reading all the reports on this I could find, I have to agree with that decision.
    If you ran a business and had a tiny proportion of customers who were ultimate pains in the ass, wouldn’t you start to feel that having their business just wasn’t worth it? 1000 custmers out of how many millions? That’s not a lot.

  3. Andy Wise says:

    Why demand that “Sprint Nextel must immediately apologize and invite all cancelled customers to return”
    Any business should be free to turn away customers if it wants – that is a natural freedom. Why should they be compelled to service bad customers ?
    Frankly – if a company told me it did not want my business – I would be off like a shot, why would anyone go back to Sprint/Nextel even if they offered ?