Seedcamp: from Saul Klein

From Saul Klein via Tony Fish

I know I’ve spoken to you all at some point about trying to create something in Europe which would help to inspire and support the next generation of young technology entrepreneurs create world-beating businesses.

Well, things are finally starting to take shape in the form of Seedcamp – there is a short presentation online.

Up till now, its just been the work of some really great people who’ve dedicated some serious time to kick start the process but now we’ve laid a few foundations to hopefully get some more people involved.

How? It’s easy… please let people know

· Blog about it (please use “seedcamp” tag)

· Pass along this email to someone you think could help or would like to be involved

· Tell a young entrepreneur to apply

And if you’re inclined to get more involved (which we’d really love), please let me know – you’ve all made a real difference to the development of the industry in Europe and you can really inspire young talent to do great things.

Please let me know.

Hope you’re all very well