proposed Gmail feature ..

Being a gmail (and a Google!) fan ..

Here is a qs: (its not ‘mobile’ but I hope its interesting)

This may be very simple but I want to see a view of my inbox in terms of people that I have SENT email to i.e.

gmail already knows from SENT box who I have sent email to.

Thus if gmail shows my inbox with a view of these people, that’s VERY useful to me since people I SEND email to are valued by me.

So, suppose I sent emails to Werner, Tomi, Alan, Vladimir etc .. then I want to see a view of my inbox with these names first – the logic being almost anyone I have sent emails to is ‘important’ for me (and most correspondence will be with existing contacts)

Has this been done?

Thoughts? Do you think it is useful?

(I have emailed the gmail team – just wondering if such a feature is useful)


  1. Hashim says:

    When you go into “contacts” it shows you people you email the most up first.

  2. There is a gmail mailing list where requested features (and buggy existing features) are discussed… it might be worth mentioning it there..
    Hope you’re well Ajit..

  3. Paul Sweeney says:

    what an excellent idea. it also demonstrates a nifty turn in thinking. most people would say that what’s in your “in box” is important, but as you quite rightly point out, what is in your “sent box” is what you have already specified as being important.