iPhone APIs – 2.0 :)

Another update:


I feel like a protector to walled gardens – however I stand by my belief that APIs must have some form of authentication.

This is not specifically a defence of Apple. But I believe that no one in the industry can afford to open up APIs without some restrictions/authentication.

For instance, as the phone becomes a wallet, free access to APIs would mean access to money. Similarly, other scams could be possible

Secondly, If Location is known, then there are protection and privacy issues especially for minors.

I believe for these reasons, we need some form of signing mechanism – i.e. a controlled access to APIs.


There was a comment from a person about my blog on the iPhone – suggesting that I am advocating a walled garden approach.

I said that: The lack of such access is an interim measure in my view.

Interim – meaning ‘temporary’

Ultimately, I believe that a mechanism like Symbian signed applications will enable access to device APIs (not just for iPhone, but also Nokia S60 and Opera). That’s a good thing. And I believe that it is essential.

It is easy for people to criticise the industry – but let us not forget that uncontrolled access to APIs is an invitation to scammers and paedophiles.

I advocate Open Gardens – but I have always been pragmatic – and I see the Open Gardens blog as a respected voice whose goal is evolve the industry in a cooperative and a pragmatic way – not by bashing Operators, device manufacturers etc.

It is precisely for its pragmatism and insights that – the blog has following both in the Operator community and in the device manufacturer community (in spite of having a name like ‘Open Gardens’).

I very much endorse good initiatives from Operators – for instance BT 21CN and Vodafone Betavine . Hence, I stand by my comments.