futuretext announces partnership with Frauenhofer FOKUS

I am happy to announce a partnership between futuretext(my company) and Frauenhofer FOKUS. As you know from reading my blog, I work closely with the Mobile Web, IMS and Convergence. I already conduct a course on Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS at Oxford University and also spoke on the synergies between Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS at the Informa IMS event in Monaco.

Hence, the partnership with Frauenhofer FOKUS is especially strategic.

What does this mean in practice?

I have always believed that Mobile Web 2.0 stretches far beyond the browser. With the advent of IP within the Telecoms network led by IMS, the digital world becomes a truly interesting place.

The impact stretches far beyond ‘mobile’ – since all the players in the value chain are adopting IP simultaneously – leading to a true convergence between Fixed, Mobile, IPTV, Cable and so on ..

The role of the Telecoms operator, far from being a pipe, will become more strategic as the Operator starts to leverage assets like Identity, Location etc through APIs. We will also see completely new mashup services that span the Web, IPTV, Cable, Fixed and Mobile ecosystems.

What makes Frauenhofer FOKUS unique is its infrastructure, IMS testbeds and overall approach. I have been working with Dr Thomas Magedanz and Niklas Blum from earlier this year and we have made great progress with a lot more to come ..

Specifically, the focus of our partnership will be

a) Creating a framework for integrating the concepts of Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS

b) Addressing the non Telco world and specifically the ‘Web’ world outlining the benefits of Telecoms and convergence

c) Focusing on the North American market for fixed, mobile, cable, IPTV and Web – which is an important personal focus for me as well as the partnership

d) A book called Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS – which will we are jointly working on

We are looking for partners in America and I am already spending a lot of time there. If you have any synergies and want to help us set up a consulting/training/event business in North America, please comment here or contact me by email on ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com(note we are moving servers this weekend so email may be sporadic)

PS: If you can make it to Berlin, dont miss this workshop on NGN, IMS, Triple play and convergence