A question about Angola / africa ..unitel ..

Most of you can ignore this, I’m hoping to reach the one person that might actually know this question…

One of my contacts asked me this question:

Does Unitel in Angola provide mobile data services across all or part of their network either using GPRS or 3G???

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  1. TW says:

    Hi Ajit,
    Unitel has both GPRS and EDGE in deployment across its GSM network, but has yet to launch either commercially. The operator was conducting a trial of GPRS in Luanda in December 2006 and had been planning to launch in 1Q07, but has not yet done so. According to my colleague (our analyst for Africa Wireless), they are planning to launch GPRS and EDGE before the end of 2007, probably in 3Q07. The network is being supplied by Ericsson.
    As for 3G, Unitel and Ericsson have been rolling out their WCDMA network since 4Q06 with the apparent aim of launching services during 3Q07.
    Hope this helps you out here.

  2. david says:

    does anyone know the APN(access point name)
    for angola? for Gprs

  3. Monu says:

    How many operaters are there in Angola which are having presence in Luanda ?
    What about the status Unitel in Angola ??
    Is unitel is a good & big operater ??
    What is the status of there 3G services in Angola Luanda ?
    Please comment or email me at [email protected] – harsh Thanks.

  4. eric says:

    Does Anyone know the Arpu In Angola Market?
    Thanks in advance

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