proposed Gmail feature ..

Being a gmail (and a Google!) fan ..

Here is a qs: (its not ‘mobile’ but I hope its interesting)

This may be very simple but I want to see a view of my inbox in terms of people that I have SENT email to i.e.

gmail already knows from SENT box who I have sent email to.

Thus if gmail shows my inbox with a view of these people, that’s VERY useful to me since people I SEND email to are valued by me.

So, suppose I sent emails to Werner, Tomi, Alan, Vladimir etc .. then I want to see a view of my inbox with these names first – the logic being almost anyone I have sent emails to is ‘important’ for me (and most correspondence will be with existing contacts)

Has this been done?

Thoughts? Do you think it is useful?

(I have emailed the gmail team – just wondering if such a feature is useful)

Buzzwire – what’s so special about it? am I missing something ..

Buzzwire( seems to be getting a lot of publicity.

The PR blurb says ..

Buzzwire lets you stream video, audio, and live internet radio to your mobile phone — something other companies do. — But Buzzwire does this without requiring a download — setting it apart from the crowd.

Both Scoble and techmeme have covered this.

What’s special about it? seems like normal streaming to me? no? Can anyone explain?

A question about Angola / africa ..unitel ..

Most of you can ignore this, I’m hoping to reach the one person that might actually know this question…

One of my contacts asked me this question:

Does Unitel in Angola provide mobile data services across all or part of their network either using GPRS or 3G???

Please comment or email me at ajit.jaokar at kind rgds Ajit

Google positions in London

As many of you know, I chair Oxford University’s next generation mobile applications panel. (Free to join at forumoxford). Our last event was co-sponsored by Google and it was a great success.

Adrian Blair (Director Strategic partner development Google) was a speaker and Shannon Maher – Site Director for Engineering at Google has always been very supportive of my work in general and also forumoxford.

In that context, Google is looking for some very interesting positions in London and I am cross posting these from forumoxford to my blog.

Please don’t contact me about these – please contact the Google sourcer Sophie Le Masson: sophielm at

However, if you have a specific technical question about these positions, I may be able to add some insights

Direct candidates please (no recruiters)

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII), PDF, Word or HTML version of your resume in English to Sophie Le Masson: sophielm at

Technical Account Manager – London

This position is available in London, UK.

Ready to tackle the industry’s leading challenges, affecting how millions click their mouse? Interested in joining a growing pool of world-class talent bent on bettering the world? Only Google can offer you so much potential for growth. Only Google’s Partner Solutions Organization (PSO) can expose you to the full breadth of the Google experience.

The Partner Solutions Organization is an integral part of every Google partnership responsible for signing deals worth billions. That’s our job, to forge strategic relationships that enable Google to acquire and distribute technology and content. Just two of our projects include Google Checkout, which is popping out all over the Web as a trusted means of payment and Gmail and Google Maps, which now go with you on your mobile device.

As a Technical Account Manager, you serve as the critical link between the lab and partner, helping to transform brilliant ideas into tangible products with your blend of technical and entrepreneurial skills. You are creative and self-motivated, excited to discover new business opportunities while optimizing existing relationships. You are comfortable assuming responsibility for all aspects of the partner relationship including the launch of new partners and the long-term satisfaction of existing partners.


• Explore and drive new business opportunities.

• Lead the integration and deployment of new partners.

• Solidify Google’s strategic partnerships across a variety of product lines, including search, mobile, video, and e-commerce.

• Guarantee the technical aspects of a partner’s integration (both new and ongoing) by providing the necessary documentation and technical guidance.

• Perform technical reviews, evangelize new product features, and ensure prompt and proper resolution of technical challenges.

• Analyze and optimize the revenue flow of existing partners.

• Assume responsibility for all aspects of a partner’s relationship with Google, forging long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.


• Bachelors degree in computer science (or related technical major) and/or a technically-oriented MBA.

• Strong experience in technical project management, program management, or professional services.

• Experience in Internet architecture and software development.

• Demonstrated experience working with cross-functional teams.

• Strong experience with Web technologies.

• Strong familiarity with Unix or Linux.

• HTML, XML and scripting programming experience.

• Broad understanding of TCP/IP, HTTP, and other internet protocols.

• Excellent written and oral business communication skills.

• High energy, strong team player, creative thinker, analytical skills.

• Excellent attention to detail.

• Demonstrated ability to complete multiple tasks concurrently and deliver results under pressure in a fast-paced environment.

Desirable Experience:

• Understanding of the search engine space and advertising industry.

• Previous work in a client-facing environment with various technical and non-technical teams.

• Expertise in one or more of the following vertical markets:

o Mobile—applications and content, not networking/hardware /infrastructure.

o Video—video on demand, streaming video.

o Search—scalable architecture, information retrieval, natural language processing, understanding of web development, online advertising, SEO, SEM.

o Ecommerce—billing systems, online payment, application development.

o Email—email migration, single sign-on, provisioning.

o ISP—search, advertising, etc.

o Content acquisition in any industry.

o VOIP and telephony–software, understanding of networking.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII), PDF, Word or HTML version of your resume in English to Sophie Le Masson: [email protected]

Software Engineer, Television Technology– London

Position based in London, UK.

We are hiring well-rounded Software Engineers with a proven track record in creating and deploying robust, high-volume applications for consumer devices.


• To develop robust, high-volume applications for consumer devices.

• To develop prototype applications and manage the evolution of these to scalable, shipping products.


• BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent.

• Strong Java and/or C++ skills and object oriented design experience, including working knowledge of core libraries and design patterns.

• Experience developing client or server-based applications for consumer devices (mobile, TV, or games).

• Experience with emerging TV standards such as DVB, MHP and RTSP would be an advantage, as would direct experience deploying applications with cable or telecommunications partners across the world.

• Experience with Python, Javascript, XML, and SOAP a plus.

• Experience with content management systems, user interface development for content-rich applications, cable and IPTV headend systems and digital video technology in embedded systems a plus.

Technical Solutions Engineer – London

Position based in London, UK.

Are you reading this job description on your phone? Enjoy working with the latest technologies to solve real-world business problems? Want to deliver technical solutions that expand Google’s business and drive revenue growth through strategic partnerships? Interested in gaining in-depth experience across a broad range of industries?

As a Technical Solutions Engineer in Mobile, you enhance Google’s mobile products to make them more useful for our partners using your experience developing applications for mobile devices and your in-depth knowledge of mobile application platforms. In addition, your thorough understanding of Internet and wireless protocols enables you to build tools to prevent, diagnose, and resolve problems before they affect our partners.

Google’s Partner Solutions Organization (PSO) is a strategic technology group that incubates new business ideas and delivers engineering solutions critical to the success of our global partners and Google’s business. If you are a creative thinker who thrives in a fast-paced, market-driven environment, we want to talk to you. We are looking for self-motivated individuals to join our strategic execution team and solidify Google’s partnerships across a variety of product lines that include search, mobile, video, e-commerce, and many other new initiatives.


• Enhance Google’s mobile products to make them more useful for our partners.

• Work closely with our engineering team to enhance Google’s mobile products.

• Build tools to help diagnose and resolve problems before they impact our partners.


• BA/BS in computer science or related technical degree, MS a plus.

• Industry experience in the wireless software industry, experience working with mobile devices is a plus.

• Programming experience in C/C++, J2ME, or BREW.

• Knowledge of mobile networks and wireless messaging (SMS, EMS, MMS) preferred.

• Scripting experience in JavaScript, PHP, Python, and/or Perl.

• In-depth knowledge of WAP, cHTML, XML/XSLT, HTTP, SSL, TCP/IP.

• Hands-on experience in UNIX or GNU/Linux system administration.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills.

• Strong organizational and analytical skills.

• High energy, self-motivated, detail-oriented, analytical.

Technical Lead Manager, Mobile Software Engineering – London

Position based in London, UK.

The successful candidate will be responsible for Mobile Software Engineering Technical Management in London. The Mobile SW Engineering Technical Lead Manager will create and manage the development of new and enhancement of existing Google products, and conduct regular product release reviews for the Mobile Team. The role will also be responsible for liaising with external partners at various phases in the project.

This is a highly visible position that is critical to Google’s future capability in the mobile space.


• Provide significant thought and hands-on technical leadership for London Mobile SW Engineering, including design and coding.

• Lead Mobile work in a number of the following areas:

o New mobile applications.

o Information retrieval algorithms.

o Large-scale cluster computing.

o Systems software.

o Java applications.

o A variety of new search products.

• Design, build and support client applications on mobile platforms, including Symbian, Palm, Java, and Microsoft Smartphones

• Work with other teams where components overlap

• Really contribute to a high quality team of people as smart as you

• Engage closely with the Product Management team to help determine the best technical implementation methods and reasonable execution schedules

• Develop and maintain strong communication processes to ensure smooth and efficient flow of accurate information across, especially between sites within EMEA and between EMEA and Mountain View.


• Candidates will be degree qualified in Computer Science or similar, and a PhD is desirable.

• Advanced professional technical background through actual Software Engineering in the Mobile arena.

• Proven track record for product delivery, and the effective line management of teams (10+ direct reports).

• Deep technical Mobile SW Engineering experience from a client sever/applications software environment (either in an enterprise software company or a consumer software company).

• Recognised as a hands-on technical driver of new mobile technology and products.

• Proven track record for technical product delivery with the ability to fit in well within an informal “start-up” environment requiring hands-on management.

• Demonstrated inherent ability “knowing how to learn”, mental agility, and people agility.

• Google is both a high mental-performance company and one in which working collaboratively in an almost hierarchy-free setting is prized.

• He/she will be able to establish credibility with smart engineers quickly.

• Proven track record of setting aggressive goals and meeting them, with a style characterised by personal motivation, organisational skills, and communications effectiveness.

• Ability to develop and monitor multiple project schedules and timelines, and to identify risks and mitigations.

• Must be able to communicate to senior executives internally and externally.

• Effective use of reading, writing, oral communications skills, presentation techniques, meeting mechanics, and teambuilding techniques.

• Strong experience in developing advanced applications on wireless devices: Symbian, Java (J2ME MIDP2.0), Palm, or Microsoft Smartphone/ PocketPC.

• Experience with extreme programming (XP)/ Agile development practices a plus.

Software Engineer, Mobile Applications – London

This position is based in London, UK.

Are you:

* … a great coder, analyst, collaborator, inventor and architect all rolled into one?

* … looking for the next cool problem to solve, in a fast-paced and engineering-driven environment?

* … entertained in your off hours by taking things apart just to see how they work? Are you successful putting them back together when you’re done?

* … excited by the idea of making Google even faster, more reliable, more available, more – well, Googley?

If you answered “Yes” to more than three of the above questions, you may be our kind of Engineer! Keep reading.

Google is looking for highly intelligent, enthusiastic client applications engineers for Google’s Mobile team in London to help us make the world’s information universally accessible and useful – on mobile devices.

You must enjoy a challenge and love working with a high quality team of people as smart as you. This position provides an excellent opportunity to help drive the flow of information into users hands, with the backing of one of the most recognised brands in the world.

Our engineering team is working on problems in a number of areas, including cutting-edge mobile applications, information retrieval algorithms, large-scale cluster computing, systems software, Java applications, and a variety of novel search products.


* Designing, building and supporting client applications on mobile platforms, including Symbian, Palm, Java, and Microsoft Smartphones.

* Work closely with Product Management peers and users to understand product requirements, and with server-side colleagues to develop optimum client-server products.

* Be comfortable with multi-tasking, handling interrupts and interacting with a distributed team.


* University Degree in Computer Science (Ph.D a plus).

* Strong experience in developing advanced applications on wireless devices: Symbian, Java (J2ME MIDP2.0), Palm, or Microsoft Smartphone / PocketPC.

* Solid track record delivering successful client applications through the full product lifecycle.

* Excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills.

* Strong customer orientation.

* Experience with extreme programming (XP) / Agile development practices a plus.

German hacker denied entry into U.S. for Black Hat training

German hacker denied entry into U.S. for Black Hat training

This is very sad .. especially since more and more European companies – including my company – are looking to set up an office in America. Certainly, a person of this stature can’t be accused of ‘taking jobs from local people!’

If facebook is not ashamed of calling itself a utility, why are other networks and mobile network operators ashamed of being a ‘pipe’?


If facebook is not ashamed of calling itself a utility, why are other networks and mobile network operators ashamed of being a ‘pipe’? ?

Will they continue to extol the virtues of their closed models as they ride into the sunset?

Let’s start with a few general stats about facebook from Dan Farber’s blog

General Growth

• More than 24 million active users

• More than 100,000 new registrations per day since Jan. 2007

• An average of 3 percent weekly growth since Jan. 2007

• Active users have doubled since Facebook expanded registration in Sept. 2006

User Demographics

• Over 47,000 regional, work-related, collegiate, and high school networks

• More than half of Facebook users are outside of college

• The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older

• Maintain 85 percent market share of 4-year U.S. universities

User Engagement

• Sixth-most trafficked site in the United States*

• More than 40 billion page views per month in May 2007

• More than half of active users return daily

• People spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily*


• No. 1 photo sharing application on the web*

• Photo application draws more than twice as much traffic as the next three sites combined*

• More than 1.8 billion photos on the site

• More than 6 million active user groups on the site

International Growth

• Canada has the most users outside of the United States, with more than 2.5 million active users

• The U.K. is the third largest country with more than 1.4 million active users

• Remaining Top 10 countries in order of active users (outside of the U.S., Canada and UK): Norway, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Sweden and India

Also from the same blog ..

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls this latest iteration of the service a “social utility,” which is an apt term. It’s a utility in terms of a tool for the 24 million Facebook users, but it also reflects Facebook’s desire to become a utility, like a power company, in which potentially billions of people use the service in their personal and professional lives. Facebook, MySpace, and other growing colonies of linked communities with semi-permeable walls represent the rise of the social Web and Web utility companies.

Zuckerberg describes the Facebook core function that the new third-party applications can tap into as a “social graph,” the network of connections and relationships between people on the service.

Read that last bit again ..

Facebook’s desire to become a utility, like a power company, in which potentially billions of people use the service in their personal and professional lives.

Sounds like a pipe to me .. i.e. a utility ..

Talking to many Mobile Operators and many other social networks like Ryze, Myspace, Ecademy etc etc .. that’s the LAST thing they want to be ! i.e. a utility ..

In that sense .. its ironic is it not that this ‘pipe/utility’ is valued at $10 billion or more - while valuations of most Mobile network operators and other closed networks continue to languish ..

There is a lesson here ..

And it has to do with the network effects i.e. the market is paying for existing rate of growth, future rates of growth and competitive advantages .. (look at the scramble for survival from linkedin and others to emulate FB )

This is not new .. in fact .. it’s as old as the Internet itself .. i.e. any network that can emulate the open ethos of the Internet .. can grow at a phenomenal rate ..

I talked about this in a blog called Salt Pepper and Social networking ..

As I said in the Salt, Pepper and social networking ..


And what is the ethos of the Internet? It’s something I have been advocating to Mobile network operators for years now .. You can summarise it by the phrase: ‘Dumb pipes and Smart nodes’

The network (Internet) itself is ‘dumb’. Its only job is to ‘connect people’. The value is provided by the nodes (the people / systems that are at the ends of the pipe). Jonathan Schwartz summarises these ideas in the Power of the end nodes (AKA: ‘the network is the computer’). I believe that the same phenomenon applies to social networks on the Internet. The moment you introduce tiered membership, complex pricing models and so on, you hamper connectivity. The effective size of the network decreases because all members can’t do all things.


So closed network, telecoms networks as they are today, social networks which have a fee structure .. win the battle .. i.e. make some money .. but lose the war .. i.e. have low valuations due to poor growth rates.

In fact, with the rate of growth of open networks – they may well lose the battle to survive ..

The battle for being a ‘pipe or not utility vs. non utility’ is sooo Web 1.0 – most people don’t realise that in a world of connectivity there is no unpipe!

And there in lies the success of facebook i.e. simply in connecting people and let intelligence shift to the edge of the network(think facebook applications)!

Sadly, many will never get it – and will continue to extol the virtues of their closed models as they ride into the sunset ..

Image source: noopportunitywasted

Iraq celebrates football victory

Iraq celebrates football victory – this is good news for Iraq! and its nice to celebrate good news from Iraq ..


Thousands of Iraqis have spilled onto the streets to celebrate their football squad’s Asian Cup victory, firing guns into the air despite a government ban.

Iraq beat Saudi Arabia 1-0. Celebratory gunfire was heard in Baghdad, where authorities had banned vehicles and urged fans not to gather.

It was feared crowds could be targets for bombers. Some 50 people died in attacks after Wednesday’s semi-final.

Correspondents say Iraq’s progress has temporarily united the divided country.

The team includes Sunni and Shia Muslims, as well as Kurds.

In pictures: Football fever

Thousands of Iraqis, who had been following the match in Indonesia on television, rushed into the streets of the capital and other cities to celebrate.

The crowds in Baghdad included members of the security forces. Guns were fired into the air despite an earlier warning by the authorities that any such displays would be punished.

“It’s a huge success for Iraq and it’s a very, very good news for Iraq,” Iraq’s national security adviser Mouwaffaq al-Rubaie told the BBC.

“You should come to see the jubilation and the joy which is spreading all over Baghdad’s streets now. People are pouring in, hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into the streets.”

Meanwhile, at the stadium in Jakarta, the BBC’s Lucy Williamson said the atmosphere was electric.

She said there was huge sympathy and support in Indonesia for the Iraqi team, for their difficulties in training and the continuing violence at home.

Football fever

Earlier, the Iraqi authorities banned the use of vehicles in Baghdad until 0600 (0200 GMT) on Monday in an effort to prevent a repeat of the bloodshed which followed the semi-final win.

The crowds in Baghdad included members of the security forces

A similar ban was also imposed in the northern city of Kirkuk.

Military spokesman Brigadier General Qassim Moussawi said they wanted to stop “terrorists, Sunni extremists and criminals from targeting the joy of the people”.

Iraq surprised the football world by beating tournament favourites Australia, and then former winners South Korea in Wednesday’s semi-final match.

Wild celebrations followed that victory, with crowds dancing in the streets and waving the national flag.

But the party was brought to a bloody end as insurgents detonated bombs in two parts of Baghdad, killing about 50 people.

Thin and dumb, or fat and smart? – The interim steps ..

Dont miss this article by Dominique HAZAEL-MASSIEUX of the W3C and also see some insights from CEO on this topic

Both Dominique and CEO are clued on guys and good friends ..

Its nice to see W3C take the right initiatives in this space ..

The key aspect is the interim steps ..


The goal seems clear: getting the two paths to converge at some point in the future; getting there is difficult, but there are a few intermediate steps that seem pretty important to me:

there needs to be some serious work on the offline capabilities of mobile devices – Google Gears may be a step in that direction, but I tend to think that some real investment on making HTTP-caching a platform-level operation (the same way getting a network connection is, for instance) would be a tremendeous help – I have already ranted about it for browsing, but that’s even more important for Web applications development; more largely, synchronization protocols will become increasingly important – WebDAV, CalDAV should lead the way, but a generic framework for synchronizing data has not crossed my radar yet

currently, most browsers don’t have access to low-level client APIs; there has been a lot of work done in the Java world on defining these interfaces (through the JSR process), but they remain invisible to the browsers in most cases, and to their client-side scripting capabilities even more so; the W3C Ubiquituous Web Application Working Group is chartered among other things to look at this problem space, and hopefully will make it possible for Web applications to get better integrated in their hosting devices

Web access should become much more pervasive in client-side applications; as of today, on most phones, if you get a Web address in an SMS or in your calendar application, you would be hardpressed to use it directly to launch your local browser

the level of interoperability for rich client Web technologies needs to improve dramatically to make it possible to rely on them for serious user interfaces; I’m hopeful that the work made by the W3C Compound Document Formats Working Group will help; it seems also to me that increasing the availabilities of test suites for user agents is primordial to achieve that goal


futuretext announces partnership with Frauenhofer FOKUS

I am happy to announce a partnership between futuretext(my company) and Frauenhofer FOKUS. As you know from reading my blog, I work closely with the Mobile Web, IMS and Convergence. I already conduct a course on Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS at Oxford University and also spoke on the synergies between Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS at the Informa IMS event in Monaco.

Hence, the partnership with Frauenhofer FOKUS is especially strategic.

What does this mean in practice?

I have always believed that Mobile Web 2.0 stretches far beyond the browser. With the advent of IP within the Telecoms network led by IMS, the digital world becomes a truly interesting place.

The impact stretches far beyond ‘mobile’ – since all the players in the value chain are adopting IP simultaneously – leading to a true convergence between Fixed, Mobile, IPTV, Cable and so on ..

The role of the Telecoms operator, far from being a pipe, will become more strategic as the Operator starts to leverage assets like Identity, Location etc through APIs. We will also see completely new mashup services that span the Web, IPTV, Cable, Fixed and Mobile ecosystems.

What makes Frauenhofer FOKUS unique is its infrastructure, IMS testbeds and overall approach. I have been working with Dr Thomas Magedanz and Niklas Blum from earlier this year and we have made great progress with a lot more to come ..

Specifically, the focus of our partnership will be

a) Creating a framework for integrating the concepts of Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS

b) Addressing the non Telco world and specifically the ‘Web’ world outlining the benefits of Telecoms and convergence

c) Focusing on the North American market for fixed, mobile, cable, IPTV and Web – which is an important personal focus for me as well as the partnership

d) A book called Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS – which will we are jointly working on

We are looking for partners in America and I am already spending a lot of time there. If you have any synergies and want to help us set up a consulting/training/event business in North America, please comment here or contact me by email on ajit.jaokar at we are moving servers this weekend so email may be sporadic)

PS: If you can make it to Berlin, dont miss this workshop on NGN, IMS, Triple play and convergence

Potential downtime this weekend

Hello all

We are moving servers this weekend and there may be some downtime for the blog. Also, my personal email may be affected. Hopefully all should be well by Monday. Apologies for the downtime .. kind rgds Ajit